Fitted with 4inch wicks for larger flames these short double sticks are suitable for the pro twirler. Features and Benefits 100mm (4″) Kevlar? WicksBurn well over 100 times!Fire resistant Kevlar? wicks withstand 100’s of burns, offering super long-lasting flames.The Kevlar? absorbs the fuel, then once lit the fuel is burnt, leaving the Kevlar? in tact.Professional […]


Ready to play with two fire staffs at once… Double Firesticks are fun to use and spectacular to watch. They challenge your co-ordination and open a door to a whole other style of moves. Features and Benefits 50mm (2″) Kevlar ® WicksBurn well over 100 times!Fire resistant Kevlar ® wicks withstand 100’s of burns, offering super […]


Big, bright burning Isis Double Fire Staffs are made for pro spinners. They have a bigger than normal flame size that will stand out.Ends are tightly braided into an Isis knot and double secured with a screw in each end. Made using 20mm thin aluminium tube for finger spinning and 95cm in length.Price is for […]


These are our latest design double fire staffs that feature not just one but two layers of Kevlar wick. The UFO Double Fire Staffs are made of 50mm plus 25mm Kevlar Wick to create perfectly weighted ends for performing tech moves like isolations. The extra wick also adds longer burn times as the wicking is […]

Breakdown Staff

Collapsible Doublestaff


Collapsible Fire Doublestaff made in Brisbane, shipped to the world

Get your hands on these great fire twirling doublestaff rigs made by Adam Lobo in Brisbane.
  • EPDM gripping for contact and comfort
  • 90 centimeters total length
  • Push button connectors for quick breakdown
  • 50mm or 65mm wick size
  • Interchangeable with LED heads
  • Handle is the longest piece at 50cm
  • Small heatshrink overlap to help minimise rattle