Silicon Flowers to add drag to contact staff or double staff Wrap tight and secure with electrical tape.


Video [description] The Ultimate Modular Staff The Fusion Aluminium Pure Contact Staff is a three piece, collapsible staff that packs down in seconds making it a must have for all travelling fire artists. [fusion.description] [silicone.description] [epdm.description] [quality.description] [features] [fusion.handle.features] [silicone.features] [epdm.features] [specifications]  [materials] Anodised Aluminium tubing Machined Aluminium End Caps Precision Engineered 7075 Aluminium Fusion Connectors […]


LED Contact Sword Lightsaber

Bring the light with you everywhere you go! LED Contact Sword Lightsabers are now available! Modified from the Threeworlds Lightsaber swords for optimal contact flow. Floats like a feather, feels like butter.
  • 1.25 meters long (4.1 feet)
  • C5 LED unit in the handle with loads of settings (see setting list here - LINK)
  • Rubber flowers to catch that drag and increase precision while decreasing roll speed
  • Silicon Grip
  • PX3 style silicon knob on the tip
  • Added weight via way of a Threeworlds Dragon Hub
  • Flows like a buttered feather


Carbon Fibre Collapsible 3 Piece staff for Dragonstaff or Contact Staff

  • Mega light weight Carbon Fibre
  • 22mm Diameter - approx 3/4ths
  • 1.5 meters long
  • Screws together or apart in seconds
  • Rattle Free
  • Cannot tell that it is a 3 piece when together
  • Perfect for travel Dragonstaff
  • Silicone grip
  • Made by Threeworlds
Perfect for a Spiral Dragon or a Threeworlds Dragon Hub! - see below for related product link :D


Aluminium Staff gripped for Dragon or Contact

1.5 meter long staff available for pickup in Brisbane or able to be shipped Australia Wide for $30.00AUD 22mm diameter to fit for Spiral Dragons and for Threeworlds Dragonstaff adaptor kits.


LED staff ends for collapsible 3 piece staff

  • AAA battery powered RGB super bright LED units
  • Silicone Grip
  • Silicone End caps
  • Fits the Carbon Fibre Handle
  • Breaks down in moments
Price is per end

Contact Staff

Contact Staff


Perfect Contact Staff

  • Made with durable, super grippy & long lasting EPDM grip
  • 22mm diameter rod for smooth rolling and easy fish-tales
  • Fat wicks to give the contrast of the rod and heads that facilitates that dragon like feel when you need it
  • Rubber Flowers to further slow the roll and give you all the time in the world to see and feel what is happening while you play


Amazingly tacky and cost effective Silicon Tube Grip for Dragonstaff and Contact Staff

  • Makes being a beginner easier while at the same time giving pro's the capabilities to push boundaries.
  • Second only to EPDM, and even that's up to the users personal preference
  • Cost effective compared to rubber, silicone and even tennis racket grip
  • INCREDIBLE lifespan
  • Durable
  • CLEAN! No more black arms