Concentrate’s C5 LED Light Unit is super bright, extremely durable, can display an almost unlimted number of modes and colour combinations.  The light unit comes with a 12 month warranty, covering any manufacturing issues with the light unit. It does not cover water damage, battery acid leaks (from leaving batteries in for extended periods of time) or […]


Made of silicone and fits on any 22m pole or tube.The actual cap colour is clear natural silicone.


CR2032 battery is used by some guitar tuners and glow frisbees. Sold individually.


The new Full Spectrum Flowlight® from Flowtoys brings you 30 designer modes – all adjustable, all beautiful – with a multitude of colours and patterns in an intuitive one-button interface.  With kinetic awareness, accelerometer response, low battery and charge level indicators, and the ability to save your favourite patterns, the flowlight-FS packs consciousness and intelligence into […]


Flowlights give flowtoys a good heft, but if you like a heavy feel to your tools, you can add flowmass to the ends of your flowtoys – where they count- to give them more momentum. Each mass weighs 30g.The mass can be installed onto crystal cases, all flowpoi, staffs and other tubing based flowtoys. If […]

Breakdown Staff

Fusion Contact Glow End


Price per end.Includes: Polycarbonate tube Silicone Grip C5 Light Unit End Cap

Breakdown Staff

Fusion Glow End


Video [description] The most versatile, customisable, compactable Glow Staff on the market.  [fusion.description] [fusion.glow.description] [quality.description] [features] [fusion.glow.features]  [specifications]  [materials] Polycarbonate Tube C5 Light Unit  Silicone End Caps [fusion.glow.warning] Dimensions Length = 450mm – 600mm Weight 450mm Tube = 49500mm Tube = 62550mm Tube = 69600mm Tube = 76End Cap = 31 gramsBattery & Light Unit […]


Used by some other brands of glow poi, but not Threeworlds current Glow Poi brand.Price is for one battery.


These batteries suit Threeworlds Glow Pois and Glow Juggling Balls.Note:You will need 8 x batteries for our Lumi Glow Poi pair and for lumi staff You will need 3 x batteries for each Glow Juggling Ball. Price listed is for 1 Battery.


EMPTY LED Dragon Staff Spoke for Flowtoys Capsule Lights

Bring the light with you everywhere you go! LED Dragon Staff Spokes are made for serious fun. Made in house by Razed in Flames with Flowtoys OFFICIAL Polycarb Tube that is Pre-Fabricated by Flowtoys for exact/ correct Capsule Flow Cap housing.
  • Already have Capsules and Flow Caps? Then this is for you ♥
  • Fits Flowtoys Capsule lights (Capsule 2.0 too!)
  • Ultra durable
  • Total length of 164mm from Steel Cable tip to edge of poly-carb prior to Flow Cap Capsule integration