Concentrate’s C5 LED Light Unit is super bright, extremely durable, can display an almost unlimted number of modes and colour combinations.  The light unit comes with a 12 month warranty, covering any manufacturing issues with the light unit. It does not cover water damage, battery acid leaks (from leaving batteries in for extended periods of time) or […]


This model is a one piece design that features twin layers of polycarbonate tube to increase stability and reduce unwanted wobble.With contact staff moves in mind it is the heaviest, longest and most durable light staff in the Concentrate Light Staff range. The full length of the staff is fitted with a silicone sleeve to […]


Bigger definitely means brighter and these Concentrate LED Poi are gigantic. These guys stand out next to any glow poi out there because they’re nearly double the size and double the spread of light.  One Light – Many Modes The powerful chip and programming on board allow this LED unit to pump out a crazy number of colours […]


  Photography Light Stick The Concentrate Light Painting Photography Stick is a photographer’s dream tool. Add colourful and bright trails of light to your images by playing with long exposure settings on your camera. The stick has a centre clear silicone grip/handle and lights up the whole way along the staff.   Engineered LED Light Stick When […]


This Concentrate LED Light Saber Sword is super bright, extremely durable, can display an almost unlimted number of modes and colour combinations. Plus the dark side red and light side blue. The light units are interchangeable with the poi, contact staff, single staff, double staff and devilsticks. The light unit comes with a 12 month […]


Made of silicone and fits on any 22m pole or tube.The actual cap colour is clear natural silicone.


CR2032 battery is used by some guitar tuners and glow frisbees. Sold individually.


Features: Constructed with very high-quality, hand-friendly, soft plastic that is durable and ready for lots of action. Illuminated using a single LED and nine fiber-optic strands. Pretty darn cool-looking, actually. The entire discs glows and isn’t blinding, which is key when it’s flying toward you! Powered by replaceable and readily available batteries (included). One set […]


The new Full Spectrum Flowlight® from Flowtoys brings you 30 designer modes – all adjustable, all beautiful – with a multitude of colours and patterns in an intuitive one-button interface.  With kinetic awareness, accelerometer response, low battery and charge level indicators, and the ability to save your favourite patterns, the flowlight-FS packs consciousness and intelligence into […]


Flowlights give flowtoys a good heft, but if you like a heavy feel to your tools, you can add flowmass to the ends of your flowtoys – where they count- to give them more momentum. Each mass weighs 30g.The mass can be installed onto crystal cases, all flowpoi, staffs and other tubing based flowtoys. If […]

Breakdown Staff

Fusion Contact Glow End


Price per end.Includes: Polycarbonate tube Silicone Grip C5 Light Unit End Cap