These clubs are very well priced, offering the same construction as the more expensive clubs at a very reasonable price.If you are just learning clubs or are thinking of an upgrading from the one piece clubs, these are a get step up. Specifications Wrapped Handle – Extra comfort.Hardwood timber dowel shaft.Brightly coloured poly body.Dense rubber […]


Great for learning clubs. These clubs have a nice weight and feel good to juggle.Made from one soild piece of plastic making them extremely durable. Bright colours add flare to your practice and the silver wrap handle gives guidance to improve hand placement and also adds an added visual effect. Specifications Weight 150g


Henrys Pirouette Juggling Club isĀ an elegant, long handle club suited to jugglers of all abilities – it excels however in the hands of proficient numbers jugglers. An air cushioned wrapped handle couple with a strong ash dowel makes this a comfortable club with construction you can rely upon, year after year. Much research has gone […]

Juggling Clubs

Juggling Fire Torch Club


A flash looking, inexpensive fire torch that’s nice to juggle with a solid construction and rubber knobs.Each juggling torch has a wrapped soft handle and 50mm wicks.Sold individually.

Juggling Clubs

Play D Juggling Club


Play D Juggling Club is a one-piece club with 3 interchangeable silicone inserts which act as grip and decoration. It is a light, well balanced club great for manipulation, passing and numbers juggling.The silicone inserts makes it smooth to touch and solves the problem of the decoration wearing off through continuous use. Jugglers can change […]


The ‘Sabre Three’ Juggling Knife has a redesigned, drop-resistant, rounded blade tip and wider, blunted blade edge. It also has a very solid blade and handle which is completely rattle free. This combined with the ‘soft-catch’ wrapped handle and total weight of 300g makes this knife a dream to juggle. But don’t worry! The audience […]