Juggling Balls

Cube Juggling Ball


Cube juggling balls are great for beginners and for anyone teaching juggling workshops. Made from canvas.  Weight: 90gDiameter: 55mm x 55mm  


Bulk pack of Cube Juggling Balls, perfect for schools and workshops. Pack includes 30 balls or 10 x three ball sets. Cube juggling balls are designed especially for beginners in mind. Made from heavy duty industrial cotton and filled with plastic beads which makes them robust and long lasting. When you drop these balls they’re […]


  Fyrefli has designed the world’s first and only fire juggling balls that you can juggle without gloves! If you can juggle, you can FyreBall juggle. Dead easy to fire up; even easier to impress your mates! They have been designed to give jugglers the ability to juggle fireballs without the use of gloves. They are […]

Juggling Balls

Glow/LED Juggling Ball


Price is per ball Single, soft, GLOW LED JUGGLING BALL These balls are firm, yet soft. They hold their shape extremely well, yet feel very nice in the hand. The slowly fades between 7 colours which looks awesome while juggling. Instructions To activate, simply remove screw cap and batteries, remove paper spacers, and replace batteries […]

Juggling Balls

Hacky Sack Foot Bag


This Foot Bag is made for playing hacky sack. Made of faux suede and perfectly weighted, filled with plastic pellets so you can take it travelling anywhere you go. Price is per Foot Bag.Weight: 40 gramsDiameter: 6cm


These balls are extremely well made and are great value. They feel really nice to juggle, and are all perfectly weighted for easier, more consistent juggling. This is for ONE SINGLE BALL. Specifications Weight 130g

Juggling Balls

MMX Juggling Ball 68mm


Weighted perfectly for professional jugglers.


100gm Juggling Balls Individual.